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1  Wells, Ryan Thomas (I4517)

PART II: JAMES WELLS (2) 16XX - 1771

ByHarold Henry & Nadine Hull Arnold 1966

Edited by Hull Arnold 1998


This is the second part of the two part paper discussing the facts as they are available of the immigration of the original Little Wells ancestor from England to North America. In part I thereaders were introduced to two characters who may have been this immigrant ancestor, James Wells (1), 16xx - 1681/82 and James Wells (2), 16xx - 1771.

Part I, presented the arguments linking James Wells (1) 16xx -1681/82 as the North American originator were given in detail. These arguments while substantially accepted by the originalAuthors were subjected to a more critical analysis by the Editor with the conclusions that the records supporting the link are not substantial and credible enough to provied the basis for theacceptance of James Wells (1) as the ancestor. The possibility that this person was the immigrant, however, remains.

This Part II gives the records as they are known of James Wells (2) whose historical existence is not only well established by the best contempory records but whose link to the Little Wellsfamily is equally well proved. The question of his status as immigrant ancestor or 2nd generation North American, however, remain uncertain as there are no contemporary records indicating hispassage from the mother country, only traditions maintained by several family branches that it was he who was immigrated from England sometime family 1700 and 1725.

The original draft of this material was written by the Authors about 1966 and widely distributed about the extended family. It is based on their research between the early 1930's and the1980's. I have prepared this annotated edition for WWW publication. As in Part I any comments or substantial additions or changes in the original test made by the Editor appear in italizedtype.



The family. In the Part I discussion we noted that between 1716 and 1729 James Wells (2) and his wife, Ann whose last name is unknown recorded the births of 6 children at the Register ofBirths in the St. Paul's Episcopal Parish of Baltimore, Maryland, on file in the Maryland Historical Society Library,as follows:

* James, son of James Wells & Ann his wife born the 27th January 1716
* Prudence daughter of sd James Wells & Ann his wife born the 16th March 1720
* Richard son of sd James Wells & Ann his wife born the 15th March 1722
* Honour daughter of sd James Wells & Ann his wife born in October 1724
* Alexander son of sd James Wells & Ann his wife born 12th March 1727
* Ann daughter of sd. James Wells & Ann his wife born the 17th Feby 1729.'

This marks be beginning of comporary records of the little Wells family in North America. Where did this James Wells who we have designated James Wells (2) come from. Contempory records locatethis family in Baltimore County in the colonial Provience om Maryland at least by the year 1716. This disproves the traditions maintaining the move came as late as 1725. Yet James Wells (2)could have immigrated any time before 1716 leaving the traditions of the move any time before 1718 as viable possibilities.

Besides the above children, it is generally accepted by Wells descendants that the oldest son, Thomas Wells, was born about 1709, and that a daughter, Patience, was born possibly between 1709and 1716. In addition there is a daughter, mentioned as 'deceased' in the Accounts on the Estate of James Wells in 1771.

The Records of James and Ann. The first reference to JAMES WELLS after his name appears in 1716 with that of his wife, ANN, in the St. Paul's Register, happens to be without association withhis wife's name, therefore, it cannot be claimed definitely that the beneficiary of this WILL was our James Wells, who by that tine is thought to have had four children, Thomas, Patience, one(unnamed to us) daughter, and James (3) in 1716. We refer to the Will of John Barrett of Baltimore County, signed March 24th, 1717, with his mark, and witnessed by Alexander Keith, MosesEdwards, and Katharine Lindall. A portion reads:

I Will unto James Wells that is now my Servant to the value of one thousand pounds of Tobacco as my executrix shall think fit to pay it.' (The Md. Hist. Magazine for Dec. 1963, p. 335. (Ed's. Note: and/or Md. Hall of Records, Liber 14, folio 544-545. This latter source is typed in the margin and it is unclear which source refers to the Will and which refers to the followinginformation on the early 18th century purchasing power of tobacco).

The Value of Personal Estates in Maryland 1700-1710, ( Ed's Note: I suspect this is from the Md. Hist Magazine article cited above, Ed.) states that 'a pound of tobacco brought three pounds ofbeef; two pounds could be exchanged for a fat pullet, and a hogshead had buying power enough to supply a whole family with necessities for a year.' Four hogsheads of 950 pounds were considereda ton for London shipment. This was, therefore, quite a liberal bequest to a Servant, as James Wells was called. Of course, the word Servant in that day probably had a rather broad meaning, asit was an old custom to sign your name to a letter to a friend, as 'Your obedient Servant.' So 'Servant' could mean anyone rather close to the family, possibly one who helped John Barrett inmanaging his tobacco farm, possibly even while putting in his own crop elsewhere.

Since this James Wells shows up in 1717, it seems very believable that he was James Wells, the husband of Ann. The only land which we have any record of James Wells (a) having at that tins wasthe fifty acres of Wells Lot which John Thomas had given him in settlement of his suit in 1695 .. Of course, if James had been away in Virginia for a number of years, it may be that by 1716 hehad only recently returned to Maryland and. had not yet purchased any land of his own. (Ed's Note: But remember the identify of James Wells (2) our proven Little Wells ancestor as thesameJamesWells who was a party to the 1696 suit has not been proven. See Part I of this document. If this James Wells (2) )

So far as we know it was not until May 20, 1725, that he (James Wells (2), Ed.) obtained by the assignment of a Warrant from Benjamin Martin of Baltimore County , one-hundred acres of landcalled 'Rogues Ridge,' lying in Baltimore County on the East Side of Gwins Falls. James Wells is spoken of as, 'of Baltimore County.' (Md. .State Land. Office, Liber P.L. No. 6, Folio288-289).

The following quoted Court Order leaves little doubt that James and Ann were living on 'ROGUES RIDGE' in 1733, after having purchased it in 1725, therefore, their son, Alexander Wells, born in1727, must have claimed, this Tract as his birthplace.

Abstracts of Old Baltimore Co. Records: Court Page 256: June Court 1733 - Cornelius Howard appointed overseer to clear-the road from Givens (Note spelling) Falls back of James Wells' upthe fork of Guinn's (Note spelling) Falls to Matthew's Cabin on Patapaco Falls. ( Source: Md.Hist.Mag. Vol. 18-Yr.1923-Page 14)

After quite a number of years James and Ann increased their land holdings, On November 12, 1741

- in consideration that James Wells of Baltimore County...... hath due unto him fifty acres of Land ..... by virtue of an assignment for that Quantity from Charles Ridgely being part of aWarrant for two hundred and fifty acres granted the said Ridgely......' We do therefore hereby grant unto him the said James Wells all that tract or parcel of land called Water Oak Level -lying and being in Baltimore County on the West Side of the main falls of Patapaco River..(Md.Land Office, Liber E.I.No.6-f.438-439.

James Wells did not retain 'Water Oak Level' very long: as, by:
# Indenture' made this 27th day of July one thousand seven hundred and forty five between James Wells Senior of Baltimore county in the province of Maryland, Planter, of the one part and EwenMacdonald. of Prince Georges County..... for and in consideration of the sum of sixteen pounds current money...... doth give grant sell..... unto the sd. Ewin Macdonald...... all that tract orparcell of land called Water Oak Levell lying on the West Syde Of The Main Falls Of Patapsco River.

This document serves to establish that James Wells, Senior, ( for he had son James in 1716, now near 30 years of age) who had married Ann -------., was indeed the owner of 'Water Oak Level.'The deed bears the lines,

and at the same time came Ann the wife of the said James, and being privately examined out of the hearing of her said husband declared she acknowledged the within deed..... .. (Source: Md.Hall of Records - Liber T.B. #D, folio 276-278.)

James Wells had possession of 'Rogues Ridge' from 1725 until he sold these one-hundred acres in 1748:by 'Indenture made this twenty-ninth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousandseven hundred forty &eight between James Wells of Baltimore County in the Province of Maryland, Planter of the one part and Thomas Wells of the said County and Province aforesaid Planter ofthe other part Witnesseth that the said James Wells for and in consideration of the sum of Seven pounds ten shillings Sterling money..... hath sold unto the said Thomas Wells all that tract

Again in this instance came Ann the wife of the said. James Wells and being privately examined..... acknowledges that she freely and voluntarily did give up her right of dower....! (Source:Md. Hall of Records-Liber T.R. No. C, folio 48-49-50. So, it looks like 'Rogues Ridge' after 1748, was in the possession of the eldest son of James & Ann, Thomas Wells, almost forty years ofage by that time.


Although we have been unable to locate during our very limited research opportunities any other land owned by James Wells (2), we would not think that he did not own other property, Eventhough by 1748 when he sold. 'Rogues Ridge' he had reached the age of 72 (if he was born in 1676 as we thought), it seems that he must still have owned some land until a date not too longbefore he went to live with his son, Alexader Wells. We arrive at that conclusion by reading the following letter which we will copy in full because of its revealing statements: (Really thisis a pleading filed byLevins in connection with the the distribution of the Estate of James Wells (2), Ed.)

' Fred. City, Aug 13, 1771.

I am one of the representatives of James Wells of Balt. County, deceased must pray a Citation for Alexander Wells of Balt. City., afsd Admr to the said James to put before your Honor &likewise must object to your Honors passing any Acct. for the board of the said James Wells; as I can prove by the neighbors that he with the rest of the Intestates childn Induced him the saidJames Wells to Sell Off His Property by promising him that he should live with them or either of them without paying board & that he the said Alexr Wells Admr since the death of the said Jameshas declared that he never meant to Charge the af(s)d Intestate with Board & that he had no Acct agt. him for the same.


As I live in freds pray let me know what time your Citation will be retble (Probably meaning returnable. Ed)

I am yr2 (Signed) Thomas Levins.

Mr. Vallette:

Issue Citation as pray'd above returnable to next Court.

Augt 15th, 1771 Yrs


(Source: Box 80, Folder 21, Maryland Hall of Rec.)

Who Was this Thomas Levins? Since, in the first line, he claims to be one of the representatives of James Wells, he evidently means that he is one of those who are interested in thedistribution of the Estate. Undoubtedly he was the husband of the deceased child' of James Wells, mentioned, in the Distribution of James Wells' Estate. This would make Thomas Levine thefather of the 'children of the deceased child'. Of course, he was interested - and probably a bit jealous of the other heirs. He knew that if Alexander Wells did not figure any Board into thecharges against the Estate covering the several years during which James had lived with Alexander, his (Levins's) children would get a bit larger share. The Distribution papers also.. show:'Debt due from Thos Levins L 13..6.6' so evidently the writer of the above letter was in debt to his father in-law. In naming the representatives, the Distribution, reads: '8 children of thedeceased, and. the Children of ONE DECEASED CHILD - names and number unknown.' There must have been a 'rift' of some kind between the Levins Family and the balance of the descendants,otherwise, they would surely have known the names and number of their dead sister's children. We presume that the deceased child was the daughter born before 1716 and remains 'name unknown' inFamily Tradition. In his letter, Levins, bitterly states that the other children had 'induced' their father 'to sell off his property'- evidently at time he came to live with Alexander, whichmust have been about 1763, as he was there about eight years. However, since the two parcels of land mentioned previously as having at one time been owned by James Wells (2), 'Rogues Ridge'and 'Water Oak Level' had both been sold off by 1748, LEVINS must have been talking about some other land. What tracts he meant we do not know.

(Ed's Note: As to the idenity of Thomas Livins see the last paragraph of this paper where in the authors in a hand written comment added another possibility which in the opinion of the editoris equally likely as the possibility voiced above, that Thomas Levins was the grown son of the deceased daughter).

As a matter of fact, Alexander was fair about charging the board: 'Of Common Money allowed this Accountant for the Boarding his deceased father - 3 years before he grew Blind @ 4 lb. per year- but this Accountant relinquishes two years - he only craves allowance for one yr. D 4.0.0 Four Years and 'Eleven months after he was BLIND At L5 per year. L 24.11.8' (?). (Ed.Note: the sord'Accountant' is per the spelling the Authors used. This is also the spelling of the ancient documents. I take it to mean 'accounting').

If James Wells (2) was born in 1676 as we considered correct through our discussion of the earlier James Wells (I), then he was about ninety-five years of age in 1771 at death. This is quiteold, and we might think we were wrong about his birth date, however, the fact that he went BLIND tends to substantiate the correctness of his birth in 1676. It is supposed that ANN WELLS haddied just before 1763, and that it was right after her death that JAMES had gone to live with Alexander Wells.

The names of the Appraisers on the Inventory, 'This 1st Day of July, 1771' were Nicholas Orrick (a name to be associated in land ownership along with Alexander Wells), and Thomas Owings (arelative of the wife of Alexander, Leah Owings Wells). Shown as 'nearest akin' were Patience McGuire (a daughter born prior to 1716), Thom Wells (b.ca 1709); and the phrase, 'Came Alex WellsAdmtt of James Wells late of Baltimore County' completed the Inventory. (Source:Md.Hall of Records-Liber 107, folio 296.)

The DISTRIBUTION mentions 'a Bond of Richard Wells L 5. 17. 0' and Note of hand of Jas. Wells 1. 7. 2)' (Ed's Note; These are two of the children of the decedent. Apparently they owed debts tothe estate, ? the amounts are to be read as 5 Pounds, 17 shillings, 0 pense and 1 pound, 7 shillings, 2 pense).

The Balance due the Estate is 48. 2. 31/2 (Ed's Note: apparently 48 lbs. 2 shillings, 3 � pence. See Note Below. This probably means total Estate Value. The original authors first used thetyped word 'unto' which they scratched out substituting a hand written, 'due')

Representatives (apparently beneficiaries Ed.): eight children of the deceased and the children of one deceased child- Names and number unknown.

Distribution as follows:

To each of the eight surviving Children: L 5. 6. 11 = L 42. 15. 4 1/2 . To all the Children of the deceased Child to be equally divided between them 5. 5. 6 . 11----------------------

Total Estate Value (added by Ed.) 48. 2 3 1/2

(The Total estate value by the Editor's calculations based on 20 shillings equals 1 Pound and 12 pence equals 1 shilling)

Perogative Office to Wit )

November 14 th 1771 ) Came ALEXANDER WELLS the within Accountant & Made Oath that the above account is just and true as Stated.


Comy General

(Source: Md. Hall of Records, Liber 66, folio 142, of ACCOUNTS)

The eight surviving children are thought to be: Thomas Wells, Patience McGuire, James Wells (3), Prudence Wells, Richard Wells, Honor Wells, Alexander Wells, and Ann Wells. Note: Honor Wellsfirst married Wm. M. Holmes, founder of family of that name. She later married Col. Richard Brown, Nov 17, 1759 in Ohio. (See Pioneer Period & People of Fairfield Co., Ohio by C.M.L.Wiseman-1901).

The 'deceased child' thought to have been the daughter previously mentioned as born before 1716, name unknown, and possibly having been married to the Thomas Levins who wrote the above letter.There is another alternative guess: possibly Thomas Levins (who wrote the above complaint) might have been one of the grown sons of the deceased child of James and Ann Wells. (The lastsentence was by the authors added in handwritten note by the authors).

Editor's Conclusion .

I now feel that the descent of the 'Little Wells' line from James wells (2) (16xx - 1771) is well established by firm historical evidence. On the question of this founder's North Americanorigin we are on less firm ground. There is strong traditions saying that he was an original immigrant coming to North America sometime after 1700 and some saying as late as 1725. Any dateafter the 1716 recording of the birth of a child in the St Paul's Parish records seems refuted, but the earlier date is certainly a possibility. There is in fact a currently circulatingaccount on the Little Wells mailinglist of the existence of a recording in an unavailable family bible dating the move as in 1700.

But the argument connecting this James Wells (2) to the 1669 immigrant on the 'Nightingale of York' cannot be completely ignored. The historical existence of this James Wells (1) is proven byhistorical recordings as is his 1682 death. There is also credible though indirect and circumstantial evidence indicating that this immigrant James Wells (1) had a son also named James. ThisJames was a recorded resident of Baltimore County during the 1690's. But this James Wells and his supposed brothers Joseph, and Stephen disappeared from Baltimore County about 1705. Theproblem is that there are no records or other credible evidence indicating that our proven Little Wells ancestor, James Wells (2) who reappeared as a resident of Baltimore County in 1716 isthe same person as the 1690's resident named James Wells. Indeed, the shadowy young James, the son of James (1) might have died or moved from the area about the year 1700 to be lost inobscurity, displaced about the same time by the coming of a new Immigrant named James Wells arriving in Maryland about 1700.

While my parents appear to have accepted the proof of the father/son relationship as adequate, I feel we must at this point be content with what we have ,namely that James Wells (2) is theproven founder of the little Wells line and that he himself may well have been an original immigrant. But alternately we can not completely rule out the possibility that he was a 2 ndgeneration North American the son to the 1669 immigrant. Until some record or other evidence is found linking our post 1716 James Wells (2) as identical to the 1690's resident with the samename, the link to James (1) must remain only a possibility.

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Wells, James (I1113)
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Abram, 26;
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Nancy J. Hedrick, 22. All b. KY

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Shrout, Abraham George (I2067)
1910 census line 287 1910 United States Federal Census > Kentucky > Bath > 6-Dist > District 11 
Copher, Thomas Henry (I256)
According to Edna Ginter Moore, she called her Big Grandma' because she was short and Fat 
Craycraft, Nancy W. (I3746)
Alt Birth: 18 Jun 1897 Farmers, Rowan, Kentucky

Mother: Anna Markland 
Stone, Walter Allen (I643)
Alt Birth: 6 Aug 1851 , Bourbon, Kentucky

This does not look like it fits in with the family. All of the other children born in Ill. 
Wells, Leroy B. (I5395)
Alt Birth: 8 Nov 1876 Bradfordsville, Marion, Kentucky 
Weatherford, James (I5135)
Alt Death: 3 Jan 1942 , Green, Kentucky 
Young, Mary Frances (I5673)
Alt Name: Nona Mary Weekes 
Weeks, Nona (I755)
BIRTH-DEATH-BURIAL: Bath Co.,Ky, Cemeteries, Owingsville, Bath, Ky, public library 
Shrout, Ben Wright (I2451)
BIRTH-DEATH: letter obtained from Cecil Shrout, Carlisle, KY, lists birth date and death-no year listed. Note: marriage license listed birth year as 1834 DEATH-BURIAL: The Shrout Family &Their Descendents, pg 73, FATHER: History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison & Nicholas Co.,KY, pg 741, lists Thomas Clark of Moorefield, Nicholas Co.,KY, had daug. Sarah who md. George Shrout Sealto Parents: 
Clark, Sarah Ann (I2076)
date of this person and son looks bad. Father is 11 when son born 
Hunter, John William (I6763)
Shrout, Thomas (I325)
Hi Benjamin, re: your posting of the 1850 Bath Co. Ky. census, Yes Maria L. and John C.M. Ginter were the children of John and Mary Polly Oakley Ginter, they were taken in by their Aunt and Uncle William and Martha Freeland Oakley after the death of their mother and after their father John was killed. Maria was my GGgrandmother, who married Lafayette Ray (who was in the home of Edmund Oakley in this 1850 census), John C. M.Ginter was killed in the Civil War and as far as I have been able to find, never married. Caralyn 
Ginter, John C. (I584)

3 Thomas Boaz 1817 - 1897 b in Virginia d: November 12, 1897 in Bath County, KY.
................... +Sarah Darnell 1817 - 1892 m in Bourbon County, KY. d: March 14, 1892 in Bath County, KY.
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......................... 4 Nancy Jane Boaz 1845 - 1906 b in Bath County, KY. d: September 25, 1906 in Coatesville, Indiana
............................ +Renny RRunnells 1848 - 1923 m in Bath County, KY. d: December 20, 1923 in Coatesville, Indiana
......................... 4 James William Boaz 1847 - 1921 b in Bath County, KY. d: November 24, 1921 in Bourbon County, KY.
............................ +Mary Fenton Warner 1848 - 1931 m in Bath County, KY. d: January 06, 1931 in Bourbon County, KY.
......................... 4 John Boaz 1850 - 1925 b in Bath County, KY. d: April 30, 1925 in Bath County, KY.
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......................... 4 Sarah Frances Boaz 1857 - b in Bath County, KY.
............................ +Perry Knox
......................... *2nd Husband of Sarah Frances Boaz:
............................ +Benjamin F. Reeves m in Bath County, KY.
......................... 4 Martha Ellen Boaz 1860 - 1950 b in Bath County, KY. d: July 24, 1950 in Bath County, KY.
............................ +Stephen Marshall Runnells 1854 - 1930 b in Bath County, KY. m in Bath County, KY. d: March 11, 1930 in Bath County, KY.
......................... 4 Amanda Alice Boaz 1861 - Aft 1931 b in Bath County, KY. d: Aft 1931 in Indiana
............................ +Flem Wells - Aft 1931 m in Bath County, KY. d: Aft 1931 in Indiana 
Boaz, Thomas (I4656)
JAMES ALFRED LOGAN RAKES; Male; Birth: 18 SEP 1899 Bradfordsville, Marion, Kentucky; Death: 04 APR 1969; Baptism: 23 JAN 1974 LOGAN; Endowment: 20 FEB 1974 LOGAN; Sealing to Parents: 12 MAR1974 LOGAN; RICHARD REUBEN RAKES / HENRIETTA JOSIE E. WRIGHT; Father: RICHARD REUBEN RAKES; Mother: HENRIETTA JOSIE E. WRIGHT; Batch Number: 7313607; Sheet: 01; Source Call No.: 0822830 Type:Film
Form submitted to request LDS temple ordinances.
Search performed using PAF Insight on 20 Jun 2004
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JAMES ALFRED LOGAN RAKES; Male; Birth: 18 SEP 1899 Bradfordsville, Marion, Kentucky; Death: 04 APR 1969; Baptism: 23 JAN 1974 LOGAN; Endowment: 20 FEB 1974 LOGAN; Sealing to Parents: 12 MAR1974 LOGAN; RICHARD REUBEN RAKES / HENRIETTA JOSIE E. WRIGHT; Father: RICHARD REUBEN RAKES; Mother: HENRIETTA JOSIE E. WRIGHT; Batch Number: 7313607; Sheet: 01; Source Call No.: 0822830 Type:Film
Form submitted to request LDS temple ordinances.
Search performed using PAF Insight on 20 Jun 2004
International Genealogical Index
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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Salt Lake City, Utah 84150
Rakes, James Alfred Logan (I3173)
Living with son James in the 1920 Census. 
Weatherford, George Martin (I5138)
MARR: Bath Co, Ky, Marriage Returns Book 4, pg 28
BIRTH-DEATH-BURIAL: Bath Co.,Ky, Cemeteries, Owingsville, Bath, Ky, public library

CENSUS: 1880 Bath Co.,Ky, Pokesville, pct 4, Soundex Vol 2, ED 4, sheet 1, line 12, lists Oliver P, 33;
Nancy E., 33;
Theodore, 10;
Laura A., 9;
David W., 7.

All b. Ky. 1870 Bath Co.,Ky, White Sulphur precinct, Marshall postoffice, 11 Jun, pg 100, lists
Oliver, 23;
Nancy C.,23;
Theodore, 1.
All b. Ky. Living next door to Albert Shrout family 
Shrout, Oliver P. (I2388)
Must look at Peter Shrote in Jefferson County KY close to Floyd Fork - Fisherville

BIRTH: 3 Sep 1769
DEATH: 8 Sep 1842, Floyd's Fork, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA
BURIAL: Floyd'sForkBr.Gr, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA
Family 1 : Catherine LEATHERMAN
MARRIAGE: 9 Nov 1795, , Jefferson, Kentucky, USA
+Peter SHROTE Jr.
Michael SHROTE
Elizabeth SHROTE

Index Card for Shrote, Peter Whitaker's Battalion Ky mounted Volunteers


1800 Tax record for Peter Shrote Jefferson Co, KY

Dunkard Church.

Baptisms : 1762 - 1769 FHL Film# 0940904
Marriages: 1777 - 1821 FHL Film# 0940905
Burials: 1771 - 1834 '
Marriages: 1745 - 1764 Book 974.811 K2rm
Christenings 1745 -1755 '
Church Records 1753 - 1775 FHL Film# 0021711
Baptisms 1745 - 1784 FHL Film# 0387891 - 0387894 
Shrout, Johann Peter [not proven] (I2266)
My gr-grandfather was John Tilford Craycraft (m. Mariah Crockett). I believe he was a brother to your Nannie or Nancy Craycraft (m. James Ginter). John Tilford and Nancy were children of JohnTilford Craycraft and Nancy Foster (Nancy Stull has probably already given you this info). Anyway, just in case Nancy does not have it, I do have Bath Co., KY census info on your James andNancy (from 1860 thru 1900). Let me know if you want it. I believe your James Ginter was son of a Jacob Ginter and Patsy or Martha McGlocklin (they are in the 1850 Bath Co., KY census). Let meknow if you want any of this info. I have lots of Craycraft relatives buried in Kendall Springs (gr-grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles). I will gladly share any of my info. 
Ginter, James W. (I3281)
Manley, Carl (I68)
See 1850 Census of Leah Wells 
Lindsey, Preston J. (I4136)
See 1920 census of George Parks. Shows wife as Rosa. 
Family F1468
see notes of father, James Ragland Shrout, b. 1855 
Shrout, Effie (I2672)
Source: Historical Background of the Brickey-Slinker-Houlette Families; John R. Nielsen and Helen P. (Creger) Nielsen; Compilers; 1980; p. 74, 105. 
Lile, Mahala (I7933)
This is possibly the Conrad that married Elizabeth McGlothlin 3/14/1834. Bond 4 March 1834; bondsman Cobbert Manley. 
Ginter, Conrad (I3741)
This marriage is from the 1850 Census record of Leah Lamb and shows Preston living in the household along with Mary which I think is his wife and a daughter Mary and a son John. This is anassumption. 
Family F407
This may not be the right father for Allie Jones 
Jones, Francis Marion (I7870)
Thompson Congregational Church 
Marsh, Hannah (I393)
31 Obituary for Loretta Hatton Hull
Loretta Hatton Hull, 73, wife of Gerald Hull, passed away on Wednesday, October 11, 2017, in Bowling Green, KY., after a lengthy battle with cancer. She was born in Bath County, KY on September 24, 1944 to the late Callis and Marie Stone Hatton. She was raised in Clark County and attended schools there. Loretta graduated from Clark County High School in 1962. She attended Eastern Kentucky University and graduated from Winchester Beauty College. She owned and operated Loretta's Beauty salon in Winchester. She also worked as a jeweler at Keith's Jewlers. She was a lifetime member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Loretta was a beautiful, loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and friend.

In addition to her husband of 53 years, she was survived by three children, Rodney (Christi) Hull, Kevin (Maria) Hull, both of Bowing Green, KY and Audrey Hull of Utah; four grandchildren; two siblings, Ray and Phyllis Hatton.

Memorial services will be at 2:00PM, Thursday, October 19, 2017 at Scobee Funeral Home.

Family will receive friends from 1:00PM, Thursday until time of service. 
Hatton, Loretta Lee (I249)
32 "NANCY MALONEY (child of John Maloney & Susan Crawford) born ca 1799 North Carolina, died Feb. 28, 1854 Holly Creek, Wolfe County, KY. Nancy married first ADAM HATTON in Estill County on July 20, 1814. She married second GIDEON CRAWFORD born ca 1788 Kentucky died 1850 the son of Joseph Crawford and Jane Mason in Clay County, KY on Sept. 9, 1829. This family lived on Holly Creek, Wolfe County Melone, Nancy (I10115)
33 # 168 Cline, Charles H. (I6550)
34 'Indenture, September 5, 1791, Jacob Myers of Lincoln County, to Peter Ulery of the same county, for 90 Pounds, 300 acres in Bourbon County on the waters of Slate Creek, bounded by John CockeyOwens. Witnessed by William Vorhees, Jacob Myers, John Waggoner and Nicholas Beene. Recorded October 13, 1791.' Owings, John Cockey (I1199)
35 'Perrins History of Bourbon County' page 543 Wells, Leah (I1211)
36 (1910 census records). There was a daughter, Lizzie, age 1 listed w/ them ... but not Edgar for some reason.

In the 1920 census, Lizzie is age 16?, Edgar is age 10. 
Parks, Lizzie (I8608)
37 (Family Cemetery),
4 Jan 1942 this burial date is wrong based on death date 
Young, Mary Frances (I5673)
38 (Old Stokley residence near the river) Place may be Wellsburg, Brooke County, West Virginia son Bezaleel's home (Old Stokely residence near the rover) Steubenville, Ohio.)

Bezaleel's Home, , 
Owings, Leah (I1116)
39 (Twin That Died Early) Stephens, Jessie Hicks (I6867)
40 1 Sep 1845 The last Will and Testament of Barnett Payne was produced in the Franklin County Court. WILL OF BARNETT PAYNE Wrote 15 Sep 1842 and proven 1 Sep 1845 in Franklin County, Virginia. 185.In the name of God Amen, I Barnett Payne of the County of Franklin and the State of Virginia being in bodily health and of a perfect mind, knowing the certainty of death and that it is appointed to all men to die doeth make this my last will and testament in the manner and form following ___?___ . I commit my soul to God who gave it and my body to the dust to be buried in the most plain and decent manner. With respect to my earthly concerns which I have in possession I leave them in the manner and form following. First I give and bequeath after my decease to Jane Martin in Bedford county the privilege to live on my tract of land she now lives on and to cultivate it for the use of herself and her children together with the shugertree bottom during her natural life and after her death the said tract of land together with the shugertree bottom to the mouth of the branch at the head of said bottom thence up said branch to the nearest point from the branch to the corner white oake on the roads thence along the road to my old tract I now live on thence on that line to the river, I give and bequeath to Temperance and Elvira Payne my daughters I had by said Jane Martin to be equally divided betwixth them at the death of said Jane Martin, by their first paying to Elizabeth Drake and Jane Tucker, formerly Elizabeth Payne and Jane Payne the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars each which is three hundred dollars. I give and bequeath to the heirs of Julia Ann Sparks that she has of her boddy the tract of land I now live on in Franklin County, with Julia Ann Sparks having the privilege to live on and possess it during her natural life, and then to be equally divided betwixth the heirs of her boddy by Julia Ann Sparks first paying to Elizabeth Drake and Jane Tucker fifty dollars each. I give and bequeath to Sarah Jane Sparks the tract of land I have in Bedford County known as the Robertson tract, I give and bequeath to Joseph M. Payne, Thomas Payne, Christopher Payne, and Dudley Payne my tract of land in Franklin County known by the name of the Soft Grub Hill Tract to be equally divided betwixth them with the privilege of selling said land to each other but to no other persons during my life. I wish all of my just debts to be paid together with my funeral expenses out of my property that I shall leave at my death that is left out and in case there should be any left I give and bequeath to Sarah Jane Sparks and if she dies it is to go to her mother Julia Ann Sparks. I appoint Benjamin Meador Executioner to this my last will and testament maid on the 6th day of September in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Forty Two and assigned sealed and delivered in the presents of witnesses this the 15th day of September in the year above written. Barnett Payne (seal) Joseph A. Meador Elizah McGuire Thomas J. _________? Payne, Barnett (I7991)
41 1 tithe, 3 horses, 0 slaves Rakes, David (I5411)
42 1. William is listed in the 1850 Bath Co., KY Census with the followi ng dependants: William Crouch 59 b. ca. 1791 KY farmer; real es tate $600
Mary 59 b .ca. 1791 VA
Matilda 20 b.ca. 1830 KY
Jonathan 15 b.ca. 1835 KY laborer
Rolly B. 28 b.ca. 1822 KY laborer 
Crouch, William (I8809)
43 11 OCT 1982 Old Fields Cemetery US Rute 36 Blevins, Nellie Bell (I4203)
44 14th Regiment, Ky Cavalry Served in the Civil War

http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss/soldiers.htm list the 14th Regiment, Ky Cavalry which has a Benjamin Thompson and Martilis Hatton listed as members.

14th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry

Companies 'A,' 'B,' 'C' and 'D' organized at Mt. Sterling, Ky., and mustered in November 6, 1862. Other Companies organized at Irvine, Ky., August 21, 1862, to February 13, 1863. Attached toDistrict of Central Kentucky, Dept. Ohio, to June, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, 23rd Army Corps, to July, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 23rd Army Corps, to August, 1863. District NorthCentral Kentucky, 1st Division, 23rd Army Corps, to January, 1864. District Southwest Kentucky to March, 1864.

SERVICE-Assigned to duty scouting in mountains of Eastern Kentucky and operating against guerrillas till January, 1864. Owensburg September 19-20, 1862. Brookville September 28. Operations inBath, Estill, Powell, Clark, Montgomery and Boonsborough Counties October 16-25. Perry County, Kentucky River, November 8. Johnson County December 1. Floyd County December 4. Powell CountyDecember 26, 1862, and January 26, 1863. Mt. Sterling March 22. Slate Creek, near Mt. Sterling, June 11. Mud Lick Springs, Bath County, June 13. Operations against Everett's Raid in EastKentucky June 13-23. Triplett's Bridge June 16. Operations against Scott in Eastern Kentucky July 25-August 6. Irvine, Estill County, July 30. Lancaster and Paint Lick Bridge July 31.Lancaster August 1. Mustered out September 16, 1863, to March 24, 1864.

Regiment lost during service 14 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 2 Officers and 64 Enlisted men by disease. Total 80. 
Hatton, Martilis (I3237)
45 1810 Census of Montgomery county page 385 with her 5 children. Huston, Hannah (I2080)
46 1820 Census of Bath County page 166 next door to William Groovers. Hamilton, Daniel (I4261)
47 1840 Bourbon Co.,KY, pg 8, next door to Abraham Shrout, lists 1 female under 5, 1 male & 1 female 20-30

1860 Bath Co.,KY, Owingsville, 11 Jun, pg 31, lists Nancy Shrout 29, (possibly 19?-the older sister), Hannah, 14; Maranda, 13; Armilda, 10; and W. James B., 3. NO PARENTS ARE LISTED

SOURCE: Bourbon Co., KY Probate Court Records, film 25129, pt 7, pg 490 SOURCE: 'Chadwick's History of Shelby Co., IN, pp 692-693 SOURCE: Family records owned by Nora Jeffery MARR: NicholasCo., KY Marriages 1799-1855, pg 47 Nicholas Co.,KY, Marriage Book 1, pg 56, married by Abraham Shrout DEED: Bourbon Co.,KY, book 49, pg 515-520, 8 Dec 1856, land of Abraham Shrout,dec'd, to son Isaac H. of Bath Co.,KY The 1850 Census of Bath Co, shows Isaac H. Shrout 32 and his wife Martha J. (Stephenson) 25. They had three children Mary E. 10; Nancy 9, Hannah5, and Armilda P. 2. Then in 1860 we find Miranda 13, Armanda 10, living with Nancy Shrout 19. I show these are the children of Isaac H, but don't know why they are living separately. I showIsaac H. as the son of Abraham Shrout bd23 May 1792 Hardy Co, Va now WV married to Sarah 'Sallie' Ann Garner b 1793. Abraham Is the son of Peter Shrout Jr and Hannah 
Shrout, Isaac H. (I2069)
48 1850 Bath Co Ky Census, page 96, # 579. Arnett, Sarah (I5700)
49 1850 Bath Co., Ky, 1st district, pg 93, 26 Aug, a triplet MARR: Bath Co.,Ky, Marriage Book 1,located in Owingsville, Bath, Ky, public library, bondsman David Cups MARR: Index toMarriage Books 2, pg 114, Bath Co.,Ky 1826-1866 BIRTH & PLACE: The Shrout Family & Their Descendents, pg 58 Note- Jeneva is listed in the 1850 census living with her father, Noah, butboth marriage records list her marriage in 1848- in one she is listed as Gegvellor, the other one-Genold and the daughter of Noah, husband in both is listed as Gillmoreor Gillman. The Shrout Family & Their Descendents lists husband as Nathaniel SOURCE: Mason Co.,Ky, Birth record of son, Wm, lists parents as Nathan Shrop- shire & JanellyShrout Shrout, Jeneva (I2347)
50 1850 Bath Co., Ky, 2nd division, pg 30, 10 Aug Shrout, Margaret C. (I2337)

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