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Some things I have discovered or reported to me about the new site.

If you click on someones name it takes you to the genealogy site and displays the genealogy for that person. When you then click on the stories link at the top of the genealogy website it always brings you back to the beginning not to the place where you left. This is the way I told it to work but dose not seem to be what it should do. I may be able to do something with the stories link but I am not sure because many people come to the genealogy site first.

So if you have clicked a persons name on the stories web page to take you to the genealogy web page and then want to come back to where you were click the back button on your browser instead of the stories link. The back button usually is found in the upper left corner of your browser. Maybe just a “<“ type button. This is what mine looks like.

John and James Burchell Kill James Rakes and Wound Tom Rakes.

Lebanon Standard Times 6 August 1884 front page

John and James Burchell Kill James Rakes and Wound Tom Rakes.

Two or three miles above Bradfordsville, on the South Fork, lived John Burchell and James Rakes, brother-in-law, Burchell having married Rakes’ sister. A enmity had existed between them for years, the cause of which had not been distinctly learned. On Saturday last, it was reported, Burchell said that the trouble must be settled on Monday.

Burchell and his son Jim, and Rakes and his son Tom, went to Bradfordsville on Monday to the election. Late in the afternoon they started home. It is said that all of them were well primed with liquor. Burchell and son passed the Rakes on the road, but waited for the Rakes to come up. John Burchell attacked James Rakes, throwing a stone which struck him on the back of the head and felled him to the ground. Rakes called to his son to come to his assistance. About this time Tom Rakes was struck in the thigh by a bullet, which inflicted a serious wound. Burchell then turned his attention to James Rakes remarking, “Ill fix you.” As he said this he walked up to James Rakes, as he lay on the ground and shot him in the forehead, killing him. The Burchell’s then went on to Rakes’ house and were abut to kill John Abell, a son-in law of James Rakes, but for some reason left without effecting this purpose. The Burchells are evading arrest, but will probably soon be captured. [Note: The Burchells were never captured but fled to Arkansas with his wife Mary Rakes and their son James.]

Lizzie Lee Shrout

Lizzie Lee Shrout was baptized on the 14th of May 1901 in Slate Creek, Bath County, Kentucky. Probably across the road from her father, John W. Shrout’s, home.

Certificate of Membership for Lizzie Lee Shrout (S26). Baptized and confirmed by James Mc Arthur. Kentucky Conference.

For many years the family of Lizzie Lee Shrout have thought she was the first person to be baptized in Bath County, Kentucky but from the missionary journal of James McArthur we find that she was in the first group to be baptized in Bath County.

From the missionary journal of James McArthur…

James McAuthor

I realized that God was my helper. The afternoon was calm and serene and nature was smiling as budding Springtime showed her green and flower face all around us, as I stepped forth into the waters of Slate and there to immerse in the order named the following persons in the order named – – James Hatten [second cousin twice removed], Ann Eliza Hatten [wife of James Hatten], Robert Hatten [second cousin twice removed], America Hatten [wife of Robert Hatten], George Shrout [great uncle], Joshua Jones [not blood related], Henry Lawrence Pervis [first cousin twice removed], and Lizzie Lee Shrout [grandmother]; which I feel has been in a right and proper manner; and parting with my wet clothes I in company with crowd; some of whom by the way had been brought to tears by the sacredness of the occasion; wended our way to Mr. John Shrouts [great grandfather].

In the Beginning

I have started a new web site hopefully to promote Family History. I have linked the new blog to my genealogy website and you can switch back and forth using the top menu.

In post about my ancestors I will link the individuals in the post to my web site and by clicking on their name it will take you to the genealogy of that person.

I am new at this so if you find problems or want to make suggestions let me know. Especially if you find errors or want to add something.

Hope you enjoy the journey.